"You try to comfort yourself with visions of events that didn't happen, but that doesn't mean that what did happen left no scars."

My Lord, by L.B. Shimaira

Gothic Horror

Mysteries & Secrets
New take on Vampires
Kinky, Medieval Lord
^ Highly values Consent
Slow-burn Erotic
Polyam f/f/m
Deals with PTSD
~ Own Voices ♡

Tristanja, 1239 AD

Meya is sold as a slave to Lord Deminas & forced to work as his chambermaid. He's known to be cruel, yet he's rather protective of her & punishes anyone who dares hurt her. Even when he drinks her blood, he uses his own to heal her wounds. All the Lord's previous chambermaids have vanished & Meya & her paramour must ensure the same doesn't happen to them, especially since it's unclear if the Lord only desires Meya's blood.

Content warning: Abduction, off-page & non-graphic sexual abuse (rape is condemned), graphic sex (consent is emphasised), kink (wax play, knife & blood play, bondage, and mention of spanking & breath play), graphic violence, gore, death, vampirism, cannibalism, and illness (pneumonia).

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A picture of the book cover is shown, featuring phoenix crest, wings spread. The title, MY LORD has splatters of blood on it.

My Lord: Choose your own Adventure

A spoiler-free game set in Castle Tristanja

Your friend has gone missing and you're trying to find them... Will you succeed? Will you go missing yourself?
Play and find out!

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They call him Lucius

A contemporary horror novel
~ Queer, PTSD & anxiety rep.

Features characters from MY LORD

A decade of torture at the hands of the cannibal Lucius has left Amy traumatised. Yet, she remains resilient and is determined to find a way out of his grasp. She will reclaim her freedom one way or another—even if that means becoming someone or something else entirely in the process.

Content warning: Sexual themes, detailed gore, extreme violence & abuse, gaslighting, selfharm, suicidal thoughts, suicide, ritualistic human sacrifice, & cannibalism. There is mention of suggested/threatened sexual abuse but none happens.

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